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Are you looking for an online party game that keeps you on your toes? Look no further than Stumble Guys apk Up to 32 players can join in on the fun, and the goal is to make it through as many rounds as possible. Each game gets more chaotic, but if you fall, don’t worry – you can just start again. So what are you waiting for? Join the endless running fun today.

Get ready to face some ridiculous challenges and bizarre obstacles! Knock down your rivals, overcome everything, and win the ultimate knockout game! Download Stumble Guys now and take part in the madness. Invite your friends and beat them all.

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What is Stumble Guys? 

Stumble Guys was first released on October 7, 2021. Fall Guys was popular then, but the game was buggy, and people found it boring. So people tried Stumble Guys, but they never got addicted to it because there was no proven strategy to keep people hooked.
Since then, the company has made some changes to Stumble Guys to try and improve it, but I don’t think they care about it that much. They occasionally post updates, but they’re just small changes and bug fixes.

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer game designed by Kitka Games, and it’s all about staying alive in a race to the finish line. You’ll need to use your quick reflexes and resourcefulness to make it to the end, and the last player standing will be crowned the winner. With exciting gameplay and plenty of opportunities for suspenseful moments, Stumble Guys are sure to provide plenty of fun for everyone who plays.
The battle royale begins with 32 players who race together. Half of them qualify for the next round. In the second round, 15 players race, with 16 qualifying for the next game. Eight players in the third round race, with only one winning the crown.

What is Stumble Guys apk?

Stumble Guys is a simple and exciting card game. It is designed for all ages and all skill levels. It is a great game to play with children and adults alike. The objective of the game is to collect as many cards in your hand as possible. To start the game, each player takes five cards from the deck. Then, each player throws one card onto the table. The player with the highest card on the table accepts all the cards the other players threw. The player with the lowest card on the table puts one card on the deck.

The Stumble Guys card game has a lot of strategies involved. The player can play high cards and hope that the other players throw low cards.

Two Main currencies od stumble Guys.

The two main currencies you can use to purchase things in the game are coins and gems. You can win these by playing the game or from external tools.

First, let’s talk about gems. Gems are the main game currency in Stumble Guys, and they never change. Many things can be bought with gems, like the Stumble Pass. The Stumble Pass costs 1200 gems, and it’s a great way to get ahead in the game.
There are so many things that the Stumble Pass will allow you to get that can make you better at the game. For example, with the punch special emote that you can get in the current Stumble Pass, you’ll be able to punch other players in Stumble Pass. That’s pretty cool.

There is now a second currency Stumble Tokens and spins. The former will let you get more spins, with a 10% chance of getting a Legendary skin and a 1% chance of getting a special skin.

Stumble Guys Gems For Free?

Here are two ways that you can get free Stumble Guys gems:

Using the free Gems tool

The Stumble Guys free gems tool will allow you to get up to 10,000 free gems every 24 hours. All you need to do is enter your username, choose the number of free gems you want, verify yourself by completing two tasks, and you’ll be all set!

Get started now and start racking up those free gems!

Using Google gifts cards

Google Play gift cards are a great way to get free Stumble Guys gems. You can use apps like Google Opinion Rewards and BrabPoints to get your free Google Play gift card, which you can then use to purchase free Stumble Guys gems.

Character customization

The Stumble Guys APK comes with a character customization system. You can use the rewards you earn to customize your character however you like. The game’s character models are not very detailed, so choosing the right appearance options is important if you want your character to look unique. The default character appearance only includes painted hats, T-shirts, and pants. So use your money to buy more appearance options like hairstyles, dresses, and more.

Basic System requirement

  • Your device requires android 5.0 above version.
  • Your device must have at least 4 GB or more than 4GB of Ram.
  • Your device must have a minimum of 2 GB of Storage for playing and storing games.
  • Permission Required: Storage, Internet.

Basic Gameplay Moves

Stumble Guys APK has special moves during gameplay. There are three different moves available in the game, which you can use in your playing game below. 

Jump Move: The reason most people lose in the Stumble Gay game is that their timing isn’t quite right when they go to jump. If you want to get an idea of what the proper timing should look like, take a look at the jump of the person who is currently in the first place. 

Grab Move: This maneuver requires better skill and proficiency. Players have to jump high and cling to the edges of the walls at specific game points, such as egg scrambles and climbs. This action is very helpful in team matches. 

Dive Move: The last and most crucial move can be beneficial if you know the timing and how to execute it properly. This move can be useful in games such as tag, see-saw, and ball. 

Choose a player style.

The Stumble Guys game is designed to allow you to choose your favorite characters according to your lifestyle. The design team has smartly crafted these characters so that we can feel a connection to them. Some are police, doctor, military, and superheroes like Ninja and samurai. My favorite one is a skeleton. I think it’s cool how the team has designed the characters to be relatable to different types of people so that everyone can find at least one that they can connect with on some level.


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Pros Vs Cons


  • You can access the new and exciting features of the APK
  • There is access and restriction of option value in the application.
  • You can choose it according to your area.
  • All the versions are original.
  • 100% safe and secure.
  • No registration is required for login.


  • You cannot download the Mod version from Playstore Vikas. Google Play Store can not provide the modified version of the APK.
  • You cannot unlock money and a gem. You have to pay to unlock everything.
App NameStumble Guys APK
Requirement5.0 and up
Last Updated3 DAys Ago
Star Rating4.2
Total Rating10000
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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is stumble Guys good to play?

I think Stumble Guys is worth playing – it’s a fun and silly game. However, you will get sick of it quickly because Kitka Games isn’t taking care of it properly. They’re ignoring it, and that makes the game less enjoyable in the long run.
Stumble Guys isn’t improving fast enough – you’ll feel like you’re doing the same thing every time you play it. There are no challenges, no goals, and no hooks. Once you finish the Stumble Pass of the month, you’re done for the rest of it

2Is Stumble Guys a copy of Fall Guys?

Stumble Guys is a different copy of Fall Guys. Both documents are very similar, and in some areas, they differ. One of the biggest differences is that Stumble Guys has a stronger focus on humor, whereas Fall Guys focus more on the storyline. The second biggest difference is that Stumble Guys are more about the gameplay and Fall Guys is more about the story.

Additionally, the two copies have minor differences in how the game play is set up. Stumble Guys has a different type of weapons system. Further, the gameplay is set up so that the player is more given a choice of what to do. Fall Guys had a more linear storyline that made it easy to know what to do next.

3Are Stumble Guys available on PS4?

Stumble Guys are unavailable on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

4Is Stumble Guys okay for kids?

This game is available for every age of people. The vibrant colors will surely bring a smile to your face – it’s the perfect game for people of all ages who want to enjoy something positive and fun.

5Are Fall Guys free?

This game is free, and you can play the game without paying.

6Who made stumble Guys?

Kitka Games is the developer after the game.


Stumble guys is one of the best multiplayer games where you can survive life and use Different techniques to solve them, and there are many mission challenges in the game. If you have any issue regarding our game over application or any other matter relating to our website, you can contact us by filling the comment box below.